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Best Caller Name Announcer App for Mobile 2022

Caller Name Announcer App | caller name announcer apk | free caller name announcer | caller name announcer pro apk | caller name announcer settings: Best Caller Name Announcer App: Google Phone app now can announce caller IDs for incoming calls loudly. This will allow you to see who is calling and not have to look at your phone. This new feature is available worldwide for all Android phones using the Google Phone app to make calls.

Although it may not appear like a new feature in caller ID, it can be very useful in many situations

For Cautious Callers: Free App

Caller Name Talker, a special app that announces who is calling you when your phone rings. This gives users extra information so they can decide if they want to speak to the person calling or leave them hanging to go to voicemail. It is compatible with many phones and devices and promises to be easy to use.

Have Your Number

Caller NameTalker offers two themes and many fully customizable options to match users’ needs. It is possible to achieve the same effect by simply looking at the screen when the phone rings. However, the annoying number of ads that appear randomly on the app can be frustrating.

Who is calling please?

Installing Caller NameTalker will save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of answering a call from someone you don’t want to. The app is quite good, but the voice software needs some tweaking. Some names can be distorted and sometimes hilariously so.

Picture this: You are enjoying your favorite Xbox One game when your phone rings. You wish your Android smartphone could be more savvy in telling you who is calling, without actually picking up the phone. You can allow Siri to call out the name of your caller on iPhone.

1. Caller Name Talker

Caller name talker is one the most popular Android caller-name speaker apps. It displays the names of your callers, senders, and any other notifications regarding your Android smartphone’s communication services. It also provides voice notifications for Gmail and WhatsApp. It can also read messages from all these apps if you enable it from the settings.

You also have a number of options to use the readout functions . You can adjust the delay time, add custom messages before or after the names, reduce the volume of the ringtone while the alert plays, and many other options. To voice the caller, or to identify the SMS sender ID, the app uses Android’s built-in text-to-speech technology. 

To stop the phone ringing, you can also use gestures such as shaking your phone. The app is very user-friendly and we haven’t found any bugs. Talk Caller Name PRO is a paid version that is ad-free but has not been updated with the latest features. It is best to use the free version for as long as possible until the Pro version is available.

Install: (Free

2. Caller Name Talker

This app is completely different, but it shares the same name. It has a basic UI but it does not have all the features that a caller-name speaker app should. Your phone can also announce the names of unknown and saved numbers. You can also have your SMS messages read by the phone. You can disable/enable various functions by simply tapping one button. You can also add custom messages to a caller’s number.

It lacks many of the features found in the previous app. This app is efficient and a good choice if you are looking for a simple and straightforward caller name talking app.

Install: (Free)

3. Caller Name Announcer Pro Apk

Caller Name Announcer Pro is a great app for calling caller names. It can also function as a caller ID. The app has a well-designed UI and voice alerts for SMS and calls. It can also read the contents of SMS messages. You can toggle the voice alarm ON/OFF from your homescreen using the widget.

You can adjust the audio settings, such as pitch and voice speed. Caller Name Announcer Pro makes use of Android’s text-to-speech library. The callerID function is very useful and shows you the caller information for unknown contacts like Truecaller. Unfortunately, there are very few customization options. We recommend that you only use this function if you need caller ID features in your caller name announcement apps.

Install: (Free)

4. Talking SMS and Call Announcer

The feature-rich Speaking SMS and Call Announcer app is a caller name announcer app. It has a functioning voice alert function that can be used to notify you of calls or messages, as with all caller-name announcer apps. With the help of Android’s text-to-speech technology, it can also read out messages. The Batterie Announcer is the best feature. It allows you to specify a threshold that will notify you via voice about low battery levels.

It also allows you to choose whether to read an unknown number or “unknown”. Another notable feature is the Filter Contactfeature which allows you to announce a list of contacts. You can also deactivate the app during a specified time with the ” No Alert Schedule”. This app is full of great features and an intuitive UI.

Install: (Free)

caller name announcer settings

First, install the latest Google Phone app updates, or download it from the Google Play Store if it’s not installed on your device.

With the app up to date, you now can enable caller ID announcements in Google Phone’s settings:

  1. Open the Google Phone app.
  2. Tap the three-dot icon then select Settings > Caller ID announcement.
  3. Tap “Announce caller ID,” then select one of the options: “Always,” “Only when using a headset,” or “Never.” You can close the app when you’re done.
  4. The next time you get a phone call, the caller ID will be read aloud

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